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Many Americans Seemingly Fight about Loading the Dish Washer

More than 40% of Americans fight about loading the dish washer according to famous tool and appliance maker Bosch. 61% of that 40% argue over whether to pre-rinse the dishes for. To be more specific, these families argue on whether knives should point down or up (about 39% of them) and whether plastic containers must go to the top rack or not (about 30% of them). The dishwasher arguments are definitely the epitome of first-world problems, because no third-world household would even have dishwashers, with most people in the world washing their dishes by hand.

The Dish Washing Trends of Modern Times

* Typically, a person will stack the dishwasher in accordance to their personal preference. Patient people will let this slide and get on with their life. However, if they’re control “freaks” of sorts, they can’t help but put their two cents in and make side comments about where the dishes should be placed. For repairs, please check out Yourapplianceengineers.co.uk!

* Some might even outright disagree with the family member (whether he or she is the spouse, the sibling, or one of the children), saying that a dish doesn’t go there, it’s being done all wrong, and they might as well do it themselves. Stackers might even do this on purpose to save them from having to do the “chore”.

* Sometimes, this is enough to get people to wash dishes by hand and not bothering with the dish washer in the first place. The way dishes are washed on the dish washer can serve as a power struggle of sorts, with the true person wearing the pants in the household winning this ultimately petty argument. How you stack dishes can even serve as a reflection of your personality.

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